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Alexander Jacob - Director

Alex started directing in 2010 and since that time has directed over 30 episodes of BBC1’s ‘Doctors’, over 30 episodes of Channel 4’s ‘Hollyoaks’ and 15 episodes over 3 series of CBBC’s ‘The 4 O’Clock Club’. Alex has also directed episodes of BBC 1's 'Casualty'.

In the time between directing TV dramas he produces and directs corporate videos.

Alex’s strengths lie in his ability to bring out excellent performances from actors of all ages and experience. He is a disciplined, organised director, experienced in leading large teams of professionals. He is proficient in telling a story through directing. He understand the importance of being well prepared with the flexibility to adapt to rapidly evolving events.
He maintains his sense of humour, whatever the situation.


This short film has been described as Little Red Riding Hood for the IPod generation. It was directed in 2007 by Alex Jacob and it is the short film that launched his career as a television drama director.



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